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Neighborhood Watch
SafetySmart Lilburn works closely with our police departments to help start, build and sustain neighborhood watches in greater Lilburn

Why create a neighborhood watch?

Here are some facts to consider from studies about Neighborhood Watch Programs: 

1. Neighborhood Watch Programs are one of the most effective and important anti-crime strategies in the country. 

2. Neighborhood Watch Programs are inexpensive. 

3. Neighborhood Watch Programs’ biggest impact is deterring burglary, which is one of the most prevalent community crimes. 

4. Neighborhood Watch Programs encourage people to take care of one another.

How to Begin

SafetySmart offers programs for groups interested in starting a neighborhood watch. The neighborhood may be a subdivision or houses, not in a designated subdivision, along a main street. Generally there is an issue that should be addressed to draw neighbors together. 

Contact us and let us know the name of your location, contact person, and contact information. We will be back in touch with you promptly.


Through communications, we connect you and your neighborhood to resources and information in the community that will help to achieve those common goals.

SafetySmart Lilburn sends regular notices to neighborhood leaders of upcoming events, issues and concerns, and other articles of interest. The leaders can choose to include these in their newsletters to the individual subdivision or forward to their email address book.
Neighborhood leaders meetings provide police reports by Lilburn and Gwinnett Police and the chance to get to know our officers, allow leaders to exchange ideas with others, and learn about available resources in the Gwinnett area.

SafetySmart offers training for neighborhoods interested in starting a neighborhood watch (introductory session with other neighborhoods) in March and September. In addition, 2 SafetySmart coaches per subdivision/neighborhood provide mentoring, support and resources, as well as leading the group to help establish organizational structure over a three month period. Please complete the information on the form above and we will be back in touch with you.

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